Holding Thai pads

Place your thumb on the outside of the strap, place your feet wide apart and tuck your elbows. For hand techniques place your hands in fighting stance and catch the strikes. For kicking techniques tuck your elbow in front of you and turn using your hip in the angle facing the kick. Do not reach out for the kicks, this can cause the kicker to miss and one of you may be injured.

Basic Combinations

After a student learns the basics, he/she should start practicing basic combinations.

Begin with two and three strike combinations. Some of you might think that you are jumping ahead by practicing complicated moves, but this might actually slow you down in the long run.

Concentrate on the basic combinations and gradually add follow up techniques and before you know it you will be putting combos like a pro.

The jab is a very important punch, it is as a defensive and offensive tool. You can use the jab to measure the distance and set up other combos and by moving and throwing the jab you can keep your opponent away.

Try some of the following combinations a few times, if they feel comfortable train with them. Add or remove anything you wish, the important thing is to make these combinations your own.


  • Jab, round kick
  • Jab, cross, round kick
  • Jab, cross, switch kick
  • Jab, overhand right, hook
  • Jab , cross, clinch knee (when going into a clinch, always reach with one hand at a time)
  • Jab, cross, lead slash elbow
  • Jab, elbow, clinch straight knee


  • Cross, hook, round kick
  • Cross, hook, elbow
  • Cross, switch kick, Cross
  • Cross, hook, cross, switch round kick
  • Cross, hook, overhand right
  • Cross, uppercut, hook, clinch knee
  • Cross, uppercut, hook, clinch knee
  • Shuffle in, cross, cross, hook, clinch straight knee


  • Lead push kick (foot jab), right round kick
  • Rear push kick, step in round kick
  • Lead push kick, switch kick, right cross
  • Switch kick to thigh, cross, hook - low right round Kick
  • Check, cross, hook, right kick
  • Check, jab, hook
  • Check, jab, overhand right


Round Kick Counters

  • Shuffle out, right round kick, clinch knee
  • Step out, left round kick, cross, hook, knee
  • Knee shield, cross, hook, low round kick
  • Knee shield, jab, hook, switch round kick
  • Long foot jab
  • Side kick kick
  • Cut kick

Foot jab counters

  • Hop back, round kick (control the distance)
  • Rear hand scoop to inside, hook, cross
  • Front hand scoop to outside, round kick
  • Front knee inward black, cross, hook
  • Long foot jab (jam it before it gets started)

Jab counters

  • Scoop left, cross, left knee
  • Scoop right, hook, cross, rear round kick
  • Rear hand parry, jab, cross, round kick, left knee
  • Slip right, cross, hook, round kick
  • Slip left, hook, cross, clinch knee
  • Push kick, round kick
  • Lean back, round kick
  • Knee, round kick, hook
  • Shoulder roll, uppercut, hook, round kick

Cross counters

  • Slip outside, hook, cross
  • Bob left
  • Shoulder stop, uppercut, hook
  • Long foot jab
  • Lean back, round kick
  • Shoulder roll < Left inner thigh kick
  • Upward elbow shield, uppercut, hook
  • Straight knee, low round kick

Hook counters

  • Shoulder stop, uppercut, hook, knee
  • (Duck under the hook) uppercut, cross
  • Upper elbow (hit if early, cover if late)
  • Upper elbow with shoulder stop
  • Slip back, hook, cross

Elbow counters

  • Inside jam
  • Outside slip < jam
  • Forearm lift
  • Pat < forearm lift
  • Outside upper elbow shield
  • Pass

Knee counters

  • Front knee - Parry (leading hand), cross, uppercut
  • Rear knee - Parry (rear hand), hook, uppercut
  • Curve knee, clinch knee
  • Hop back, round kick
  • Step out, round kick

Counters to spin kicks

  • Lean back
  • Cut kick (lean back low kick inside thigh)
  • Long foot jab
  • Knee shield

Video Clips

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