GCS is a combination of several different practices and arts synthesized into an effective art created by Master Jess Galvan. GCS is founded on traditional kickboxing, developed in Thailand nearly a millennium ago. The art has evolved and developed over time from military hand-to-hand training into a popular sport that is known throughout the world as the most aggressive striking art. Upon this foundation is added the skills and practices of submission grappling, weapons use, and elements of practical street self-defense.

Training in Galvan Combat Systems teaches you to use your whole body as a weapon for self-defense.

Galvan Combat Systems has evolved into a complete Martial Art.


GCS es una combinacion de diferentes estilos de artes marciales integrados por el maestro Jesus Galvan. GCS se identifica con el kickboxing tradicional que fue originalmente creado en Thailandia hace mas de mil anos atras. Este arte fue normalment usado como una forma de defensa para el ARMY y se ha transformado en el deporte popular que existe hoy. Este estilo es reconocido como el estilo de combate mas agresivo.

GCS incorpora tambien la lucha de submision y otros elementos de defensa personal.



Have strength of mind and willpower, and always strive to do your best. When things get hard, that is when we must push ourselves.


Have respect and good manners towards yourself and others.


Don't be afraid to try new things and have the courage to stand up for what you believe in.


Be honest and truthful to all, especially to yourself.


Your personality and actions define who you are.


Because there are consequences to all our actions, we must have discipline and restraint in all we do.


Strive to achieve mental, physical, and spiritual balance in all aspects of your life.