2007 Competition Results

Donovan Carboni was the gold medal winner in Pancrase.

GCS Group 2007 Tournament

GCS Group


2004 Competition Results

Congratulations to Geovana on becoming the youngest state of California Muay Thai kickboxing champion. (Oct 23)

I congratulate all six students who participated in the National Jujitsu Tournament held in Leon, Mexico. Our school in Mexico has been open for a very short time and the students are already competing in national level competitions. The students are very tough and Raul has done a wonderful job! I’m very proud of all of you.

Master Jess Galvan

Competition Results

143 Pound Category

Daniel Salas - 1st Place

Fernando was eliminated by a tough competitor that ultimately reached the finals and fought against Daniel.

165 Pound Category

Fransisco Mazas – 1st Place

Guillermo was also eliminated by another tough finalist that fought against Fransisco.

176 Pound Category - Advanced

Raul Salas - 1st Place

Women – Absolute Category

Cristina Salas – 2nd Place

Resultados de competicion

Categoria 65 kilos

Daniel Salas - Primer Lugar

Fernando fue eliminado por un competidor muy fuerte que llego a la final contra Daniel.

Categoria 75 kilos

Fransisco Mazas - Primer Lugar

Guillermo tambien fue eliminado por otro finalista muy fuerte que peleo contra Fransisco.

Categoria 80 kilos - Avanzados

Raul Salas - Primer Lugar

Mujeres – Categorio Absoluto

Cristina Salas – Segundo Lugar